Demolition Jobs That Don’t Involve Construction

You can always tell when certain children are going to grow up to do certain jobs. Those that love to break things or take them apart almost always end up in demolition or repair of some sort. It just fits with their nature. If this still describes you as an adult, and you are looking for a demolition job that does not involve construction, here are a few that might be perfect for you:

Shear Testing

Shear testing takes objects from the tech world and tests them to see how much of a beating the objects can take before they break. The objects are placed inside shear testing machines and exposed to a series of tests that rank from battering ram to a tug of war in opposite directions to twisting in opposite directions. You would be in charge of placing the objects inside the machine, programming the machine to perform a specific test or tests on the objects, and then logging when and how the objects suddenly broke. Getting paid to break things is often the highlight of this job for most people.

Toy Tester

Of course, you could always apply to be a toy tester, too. These people get to play with new toys all day, trying to figure out how well they will stand up to the ways children play with their toys and whether or not the toys would be entertaining to children. Part of the job is looking for the toys' limitations and weak spots and breaking the toys in whatever ways possible. This reveals how the toys could be made better and what age restrictions should be placed on the toys. You might even be able to place them in less typical circumstances, such as a fire or submerged in a tub, to see how the toys survive. 

Ballistics Expert

Ballistics experts typically work for government agencies and the police force. They test guns and other weapons to see how the related projectiles hit solid objects, and patterns the projectiles create coming out of the weapons and hitting the targets. This means that you will destroy a lot of ballistics gel forms and targets, which you are not only fully allowed to do, but is a regular part of your job. You will also be able to recognize which bullets and other projectiles come specifically from which weapons, which helps the police narrow down the suspect list.